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Alu-met is a producer and supplier of high quality aluminum extrusion billets. The company includes two production sites: Aluminium GmbH Nachrodt (Germany) and Speedline Aluminium-Gießerei GmbH (Austria). The two plants have a total annual capacity of 180,000 tons of extrusion billets for the Central European market. Our employees ensure on-time and reliable deliveries. For the group of companies, the satisfaction of our customers, partners and workforce is in our focus.


Alu-met GmbH

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Dr. Gerhard Anger

Dr. Gerhard Anger

Managing Director

Alexander Sala

Head of Sales

Stefan Deuschle

Stefan Deuschle

Head of Purchasing & Stock Exchange

Patrick Fuchs

Patrick Fuchs

Head of Finance / Procurator

Ownership Structure


Management Policy

Principles of our management policy

For us, the management policy forms one of the foundations of our entrepreneurial activities. We are aware that compliance with this policy and the achievement of our corporate goals can only be ensured by informed, committed and competent employees. We therefore ensure that all employees are involved in the improvement processes within the scope of their capabilities and assignments and that they are provided with the necessary resources to perform their tasks. The continuous improvement of our performance underlies our daily activities. The adoption of the management policy by the management means that the plant's workforce is responsible for quality assurance and environmental protection. Our management system is successful because it is supported by all employees. We maintain an open dialogue with all social groups . In particular, we work cooperatively with authorities, specialized service providers and social organizations in order to meet tomorrow's requirements today.

The management policy is based on four pillars.

Pillar one: Occupational safety , health protection and social standards

Ensuring the safety of our employees and maintaining our social standards is our top priority. All processes and actions must be subordinate to ensuring the safety of employees and service providers. We actively practice preventive occupational safety and thoroughly analyze unsafe conditions, near misses and accidents. The management is designed to keep the sensitivity at the highest level . We respect and protect human rights, ensure and promote equal opportunities and prevent any form of discrimination and exploitation in all our business processes. Active and preventive occupational health and safety to maintain the health and working capacity of employees and provide safe and healthy workplaces.

Pillar two: Environmental protection

The protection of the environment and the sustainable use of resources and the reduction of waste are of central importance to us. Waste is recycled wherever possible. Through continuous improvement of our management system as well as process optimization, based on the implementation of improved standards or investments, we increase our environmental performance and achieve a constant reduction of specific C02 emissions. Due to our specialization as an aluminum remelting plant, we use secondary aluminum and return it to a new use cycle. The resulting reduction in energy consumption is approximately 18 times lower than if primary aluminum were used.

Pillar three: Product quality

The quality of our products is based on the needs of our customers. The quality is subject to continuous optimization and improvement , so that our customers our products with high reliability and best processing properties pass through the customers' processes. Through stable and most precisely defined standards and measuring equipment we achieve a high process stability, which avoids non-achievement of the quality specifications.

Pillar four: Energy efficiency

Effizienter Energieeinsatz - Schonung der Energieressourcen und Optimierung der Produktionkosten ist zentraler Bestanteil unserer Managementpolitik. Die Steigerung der energiebezogenen Leistung ist das oberste Ziel des Energiemanagementsystems . Wir unterstützen die Beschaffung energieeffizienter Produkte und Dienstleistungen, die Auswirkungen auf unsere energiebezogene Leistung haben . Dabei berücksichtigen wir die Auslegung der zu beschaffenden Produkte und Leistungen. Durch kontinuierliche Optimierung unserer Anlagen und Prozesse wollen wir Energieverschwendung vermeiden und unsere Produktionskosten senken. Dabei erleichtert eine regelmäßige und genaue Erm ittlung des Energieverbrauchs und der Energieleistungskennzahlen die Identifikation von Optimierungspotentialen. Die Reduktion des spezifischen Energieverbrauchs ist durch jährlich aktualisierte Zielvorgaben für Erdgas, Strom, Diesel und Sauerstoff definiert. Das Managementsystem regelt die Erreichung der Ziele und schafft ein konstruktives Umfeld, welches es allen Mitarbeitern ermöglicht, zur erfolgreichen Zielerfüllung beizutragen. Durch regelmäßige Überprüfungen und Begehungen wird die Einhaltung dieser Unternehmenspolitik im betrieblichen Alltag überprüft. Die Managementpolitik und alle einschlägigen Anforderungen bezüglich des Umwelt- und Arbeitsschutzes , der Eneregieeffizienz, des Energieverbrauchs und des Energieeeinsatzes sowie andere Verpflichtungen sind von jedem Mitarbeiter einzuhalten.

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Code of Conduct

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality extrusion billets while complying with legal, sustainable and ethical principles. Alu-Met GmbH is committed to its corporate responsibility in relation to its activities as a company. This concerns in particular the responsibility regarding working conditions and respect for the environment and society. Our goal is that our products contain only raw materials and materials that have been mined and produced without violating human rights and environmental standards. This essentially refers to valid laws and social norms and serves to ensure working conditions, environmental protection and the prevention of corruption.

The following guiding principles specify our corporate policy:

The well-being, health, information security and data protection of our employees, suppliers and customers take priority in all decisions. A high and optimized process stability is the basic prerequisite for meeting the agreed delivery dates, achieving the specified product quality and manufacturing with minimal environmental impact. We achieve this through

· the cooperation and community thinking of all sites

· constant process optimization and

· the optimal use of the given resources

Compliance with all laws, standards and regulations is a self-evident obligation for us; we also communicate this to our business partners. ALU-MET follows the social standard with its principles

· to respect human rights and

· fair working conditions and the rules on

· Fighting corruption and

· collusion in violation of antitrust law

Responsible Procurement

This guideline defines the criteria for purchasing. The guideline serves as a standard for all procurement processes.

Responsible Procurement

Procurement policy

The suppliers' compliance with environmental criteria has a strong weighting in the awarding of contracts. Of particular interest here is the procurement of primary metal. Here, care must be taken to ensure that the electrical energy comes from renewable energy sources. Priority should therefore be given to primary aluminum producers who generate their electricity from natural water, wind or solar energy.

Needs analysis

The necessity of the procurement as well as its quantity or extent is to be examined. Possible alternatives to the purchase of a product such as the repair of the old equipment or the leasing of a new product as well as measures of the efficiency and synergy increase environmentally friendly aspects are to be represented. A critical and exact demand analysis is one of the most important steps of a pollution free procurement.

Procurement guidelines

Procurement guidelines fundamentally define company-wide technical, economic and ecological requirements for products to be procured. The properties must be precisely specified and economically measurable. The best ecological performance criteria, such as guideline values for electricity, gas or water consumption, noise, cleanliness of exhaust gas from equipment, and maintenance and disposal costs, must be aimed for. When bidding for equipment, ask for criteria of economic efficiency calculation. The criteria are:

• Consumptions during operation

• Longevity of the plant, component or equipment

• Scope of wear parts

• Maintenance effort

• Ease of maintenance

• Availability of spare and wear parts or necessary stocking of spare and wear parts

The following additional criteria must be evaluated when awarding the contract

• Compliance with social standards (see Supplier Code of Conducts)

• Compliance with anti-corruption guidelines (see supplier's guidelines)

In the event that these guidelines are not available from the supplier, this information must be communicated to the management prior to awarding the contract.

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Anti-Corruption Policy

ALU-MET is a producer of high quality aluminum extrusion billets manufactured by remelting process. For ALU-MET it is important to behave with integrity towards all customers, suppliers, employees, authorities and public bodies as well as other interest groups. This claim is written down in the ALU-MET mission statement and in the ALU-MET social standards and represents the basis for the entrepreneurial actions of the management, the management and the staff. The implementation as well as the behavior of the ALU-MET management and employees is concretized and described in more detail in this guideline. In particular, the following is to be observed:

Bribery/ Corruptibility

No bribes or other illegal payments may be offered, made or accepted.

The granting of personal advantages, in particular of a monetary nature such as payments and loans, including the granting of small gifts over a longer period of time by ALU-MET and its employees to public officials (such as civil servants or employees in public service) with the aim of obtaining advantages for ALU-MET or themselves or third parties is not permitted. Monetary personal advantages to employees of other companies in return for preferential treatment in competition and business dealings may neither be offered, promised, granted nor approved. Likewise, personal benefits of value may neither be demanded nor accepted in dealings with business partners. ALU-MET obligates its employees not to allow themselves to be promised any such advantages.

The management and employees of ALU-MET may not offer, promise, demand, grant or accept gifts, payments, invitations or services in business dealings which are granted with the intention of influencing a business relationship in an inadmissible manner or where there is a risk of jeopardizing the professional independence of the business partner. This is generally not the case with gifts and invitations that are within the scope of customary business hospitality, custom and courtesy. ALU-MET can issue a binding guideline for the acceptance and granting of gifts, invitations to entertainment and events. This can regulate exceptions with regard to appropriate low-value and symbolic gifts, appropriate business meals and appropriate events of the own company as well as of business partners (customers, suppliers).

Antitrust law (conduct towards competitors)

ALU-MET respects fair competition. The applicable laws that protect and promote competition, in particular the applicable antitrust laws and other laws regulating competition, are observed.

In dealing with competitors, these regulations prohibit in particular agreements and other activities that influence prices or conditions, allocate sales territories or customers, or impede free and open competition in an impermissible manner. Furthermore, these regulations prohibit agreements between customers and suppliers aimed at restricting customers' freedom to determine their prices and other conditions autonomously when reselling (price and condition fixing).

Examples of antitrust violations:

• Price/quantity/condition agreements

• Exchange of secret market information

• Calls for boycotts against market participants

• Behavior towards market participants / authorities / courts and other governmental and public institutions

Significance for the employees

The implementation of this guideline is an important concern for ALU-MET, which is why any failure to comply with the obligations will be taken seriously and punished. Violations will result in disciplinary measures. These depend on the severity of the violation and, in the most extreme case, can lead to extraordinary termination. In order to implement this ethical code of conduct, every employee is required to familiarize himself or herself with the described standards and to actively live by them. All ALU-MET employees are requested to report indications of any criminal offences, abuses and special risks to their supervisor or the management. ALU-MET will not tolerate any form of discrimination against anyone who makes such a report.

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Social Standards

Human rights

Internationally recognized human rights are respected and compliance with them is demanded. Forced and compulsory labor is rejected. No one is employed or forced to work against their will. Any form of child labor is rejected. At a minimum, the regulations of ILO Convention 138 regarding the minimum age for employment and the prohibition of child labor are observed.

Compliance with laws

Compliance with applicable laws, ordinances and equivalent regulations is mandatory.

Occupational safety

Safety and health protection at the workplace are ensured at least within the framework of th