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Sustainable use of resources and trusting cooperation create an attractive basis for long-term and strategic partnerships. Quality and sustainability are important features for the value of our product.

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Sales Team

Alexander Sala

Head of Sales

+43 5552 636 79 26

Harald Pfanner

Harald Pfanner


+43 5552 636 79 16

Alexandra Ivandic-Metzler


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Sophie Kreidl


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Marion Meyer

Logistics & Production Planning

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Clemens Egger

Clemens Egger

Logistics & Sales

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Aluminum Extrusion Billets

from the largest independent billet producer in Central Europe

Alu-met Kokillenwart

Highest quality

We ensure optimal processing at our customers´ sites with reliable quality in compliance with the strictest product specifications. With excellent surface, metal structure and analysis, we gladly bear decisive responsibility for the product quality of our customers.

Large selection of diameters

We offer a wide range of diameters and are at your disposal for further individual enquiries.

Ø 178 mm

Ø 247 mm

Ø 305 mm

Ø 203 mm

Ø 254 mm

Ø 348 mm

Ø 216 mm

Ø 279 mm

Ø 229 mm

Ø 290 mm

Optimized billet length

With standard dimensions and optimized billet lengths between 1.2 and 7 metres (AGN) or, respectively, 8 metres (Speedline), we strengthen our customers and offer great potential as a strategic partner with geographical proximity to our customer.

AGN: max. 7.000 mm

Speedline Aluminium: max. 8.000 mm

Short billets min. 1.200 mm

Alu-met Legierungen

Alloy range

We are experts in the production of extrusion billets of the alloy group AlMgSi (6xxx). As a sustainable remelt cast house, we are focused on recyclable product specifications to ensure the highest possible use of scrap.