Speedline Aluminium invests in renewable electricity production

Nüziders -  The Speedline Aluminium foundry in Schlins, Vorarlberg - a subsidiary of Alu-met GmbH in Nüziders - is considered one of the most modern and efficient aluminium remelting plants in Europe. The total annual capacity is 96,000 tonnes of extruded billets. Since its opening in 2008, the plant has been continuously optimised. Increasing capacities, higher safety standards and greater energy efficiency with falling emission levels are the result of a continuous improvement process.


he next step towards sustainable production was taken with the commissioning of a new photovoltaic system. With 4,200 m22 of collector surface, the system will provide almost 1 GWh of electricity for the plant's production process. This means that an attractive share of the annual electricity demand can be produced from the plant's own PV system.


Due to continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the electricity provided can be completely and directly fed to and used by the production process equipment and vehicles. In support of this measure, the factory's machinery has been and will be successively converted to electric drive.

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Speedline Aluminium invests in renewable electricity production
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